Training and Service

Sairem is here to help you get the most out of your equipment investment, from repairing a single Sairem product to managing your entire application. We provide field and on-site services, product and application expertise via equipment health checks, technical support and technical training.

1. Up-grades and refurbished equipment

2. Global services: product repair, technical support, service contracts, application support, preventive maintenance

3. Spare parts & service kits
Sairem's products are designed to give long and trouble free service. As with any piece of equipment, the products will give their best performance only if they are serviced regularly using the correct spare parts. For those users who prefer to service their own product, a wide range of genuine spares are available as maintenance & service kits or individual replacement parts, all manufactured under our quality system and to original specifications.

4. Training: a range of training courses covering high-frequency heating theories and system operation, care and maintenance

Should you require training/service please fill in the Contact form to send your questions and indicate your needs. Your request will be treated confidentially and in the shortest time possible.