R&D Expertise

The R&D team is committed to innovation and technological development - always Sairem’s priority. Customers benefit from Sairem’s team support and their experience in the fields of energy conversion, power electronics, plasma, chemistry and materials, control hardware and electrical engineering.

SAIREM is able to carry out research work under Confidentiality Agreements that look after the exploitation clauses of intellectual and industrial property.

LTraditionally our R&D program is focussed on the development of:

• New equipment and process development and equipment up-grade;
• New applications development in all activity fields;

• Computational simulation of the interaction electromagnetic wave / material;
• Facilities for carrying out industrial experimentation and testing of food treatment;
• Means to evaluate the effect of electromagnetic waves interaction with different materials at various frequencies and different power levels;

Sairem is involved in several international and collaborative projects:

• Projects under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7);
Cordis Europe
- RELIGHT, Sustainable Recycling of Lighting Product
- ALTEREGO, Alternative Energy Forms for Green Chemistry
- PLAGASMIC, Advanced Microwave Plasma Gasification of pig and cow manure for cost-effective biogas generation
- POLYGRAPH, Up-Scaled Production of Graphene Reinforced Thermosetting Polymers for Composite, Coating and Adhesive Applications

• Financing Projects for Innovation, International growth and expansion of SMEs, sponsored by Bpifrance. BPIfrance and COFACE, www.coface.fr

• PAUD (Plasma Airborne molecular contamination Ultra Desorption)

For more information on our R&D projects please fill in the Contact form to send your questions and indicate your requirements. Your request will be treated confidentially and in the shortest time possible.