Plasma S3tream (PLASMA Solid-State Surface TREAtment Machine) is a EUROSTARS project hold by Sairem and with collaboration with Bern University Of Applied Sciences and EMPA (both in Switzerland). The project will design and build microwave sources and related solid-state microwave generators for use in coating systems. These innovative ‘plasma lines’ are for integration by system manufacturers, especially for plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) and similar techniques. In the framework of the project, a plasma reactor will be built allowing to create uniform microwave plasmas on large areas or volumes by distributing the plasma lines in 2D or 3D networks. The enhanced performance will be demonstrated for typical market-relevant applications: diamond-like carbon coatings, plasma nitriding and dry etching.

This project is financed in part by European Union funds (project 12507)