Assistance & Technical support

Sairem Technical Support team has experience in the development of materials, product manufacturing and problem solving methods. Sairem’s engineering team advises on how to optimize the effects of electromagnetic radiation in different application conditions. Sairem will support you through all your application in view of:

• Design of continuous or batch treatment processes;
• Choice of the best suited value of MW or RF frequency;
• If necessary, the synergetic association of MW or RF treatment with other energies (infrared, convection hot or cold, UV, etc.) to optimize an industrial process;
• Plasma and ion sources generation;

• The study and implementation of programs related to foreseen treatments;
• Selection of the most suitable materials and methods to obtaining uniform treatment;
• Optimization of interactions between MW or RF with materials;
• Integration of MW and RF technologies in laboratory experiments, etc.

The Technical Support consists of a team of professionals capable of intervening anywhere in the world.
If you need any assistance or technical support, please fill in the Contact form to send your questions and indicate your needs. Your request will be treated confidentially and in the shortest time possible.