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Sairem has 40 years of experience in microwave and radio frequency engineering, bespoke electronic design, application development, process design and production of a standardised range of microwave generators.

Microwave and radio-frequency applications supplier

Applications for industry in food processing, science, industrial plasmas, and medical field

Sairem has developed a range of microwave and radio frequency products over a wide range of power levels from a few watts up to several hundred kilowatts, covering many industrial and scientific applications.

The present range of products counts more than 150 products covering a wide range of stable generators, all the components required for energy transfer and all the associated technologies to optimise an application: applicators design, plasma generation, radiation control, regulation, automation, protection etc.




Sairem’s whole team is committed to innovation and technological development, which has always been at the heart of our activity. Customers benefit from Sairem’s team support and their experience in the fields of energy conversion, power electronics, plasma, chemistry and materials, control hardware and electrical engineering.

Sairem, innovation and technological development in industrial Micro-wave and Radio Frenquency manufacturer

A world leader in industrial microwave and radio-frequency applications

Since its creation in 1978 Sairem has invested an important part of yearly revenue in the research and development. The R&D team consists of twelve engineers specialised in different domains working closely with the best laboratories in the field of electromagnetic radiation and its associated effects.

Nowadays Sairem has become the world leader in microwave and radio-frequency applications, and continues to grow around the world, with over 75% of the turnover in more than 50 countries outside France with an install base of more than 5000 equipment.
Sairem has more than 30 employees and a surface of 2700 m2 including office, workshop and showroom for laboratory tests and pilot scale equipment.

Sairem builds equipment for the generation, transmission, adjustment and measurement of microwave and radio-frequency. Sairem has several products, including generators, standard waveguide & coaxial components, measurement instruments, as well as standard industrial equipment for applications in food industry, plasma, chemistry and drying, among others.

Microwave and Radio Frequency products for industry applications

Sairem offers you a large variety of microwave and radio-frequency applications standard or tailor-made: