Industrial Microwave Applications test Laboratory & Pilot

SAIREM ‘s laboratory & pilot equipment, part of the LabotronTM range, has been designed for flexible operation to assist with the optimisation of process parameters, such as required energy, residence time and treatment temperature. The equipment allows operation in batch and in continuous flow with samples size from several grams up to several kilograms.

The equipment can be used in demanding and very diverse applications: study of behaviour of composite materials with metal or ceramic matrices. Sintering of metal, alumina or ceramic powder. Reheating, softening and melting of resins and liquid or pasty extracts, etc.

The Labotron TM Duo 2.45 GHz is an easy to use dual microwave reheating cavity, maceration etc. Each cavity can be operated independently, or both cavities can operate simultaneously with samples of different size and mass, with the possibility to run different process recipes in each cavity at same time. Each cavity has its own turntable, an IR thermometer for temperature measurement & control and a microwave coupling system that guarantees heating homogeneity.

LabotronTM Duo 2 x 2 kW, 2.45 GHz dual microwave cavity for reheating, maceration

LabotronTM Duo 2 x 2 kW, 2.45 GHz

Labotron High Temperature Microwave Furnace, , 3 or 6 kW 2.45 GHz

The Labotron TM HTE 2.45 GHz is a microwave-assisted furnace designed for high temperature heating applications,which can be used equally in the laboratory and in industrial operations. It guarantees considerable microwave performance at high temperatures thanks to its cavity walls made from thick “mirror polished” aluminium, its rotating turntable and the integration of bi-colour pyrometers for temperature measurement & control.

The Labotron TM iWASP 2.45 GHz consists of a monomode microwave cavity with an integrated press, designed for simultaneous sintering and pressing of powders with laboratory and industrial applications.

Labotron iWASP, 2 kW, 2.45 GHz integrated microwave assisted press

Labotron iWASP, 2 kW – 2.45 GHz

SAIREM can offer advice on the non-standard product and the frequency adapted to your needs. SAIREM’s R & D team will be happy to help developing equipment specific to your application.

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