Microwave plasma for ion sources

Our microwave generators are essential elements for ECR Ion Sources. They are adapted to most industrial and scientific applications thanks to their sturdiness and signal stability.


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Main applications

Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Sources, ECRIS, are often the first element of particle accelerators. They are used, for example, to produce heavy or radioactive multi-charged ion beams for fundamental research, to explore  the structure of atomic nuclei or to understand the nuclear reactions that occur in stars.


But ECRIS are also increasingly present in industry, particularly for medical applications such as Hadrontherapy, used to destroy inoperable cancer-cells by irradiating them with a beam of particles. These applications require beams of very high quality and, therefore, very stable microwave generators, which can operate in continuous or pulse mode.

Solid state generators for ECRIS

Our solid state generators provide the best power and frequency stability. The power can be adjusted by 1 W steps. The frequency, adjustable from 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz, is a valuable tool to tune the real ion source resonance frequency to the wave frequency, thus increasing the efficiency of the plasma source.


We provide generators from 200 W to 1000 W which can operate in continuous wave or pulse mode up to 5000 Hz.

Magnetron based generators for ECRIS

Our magnetron-based generators provide higher power, from 2000 to 6000 W and can operate in pulse mode up to 2500 Hz. These generators are recognized to be the most reliable on the market.


A specific autotuner and rack were developed especially by SAIREM for ECRIS applications, to cut the microwave signal instantaneously with an optical signal.

Klystron generators for ECRIS

Our klystron based generators are designed for high-performance ion sources.  We worked especially on the power stability independent of the load, the very fast pulse response time, the low ripple, and the spectral quality.


They can be mounted on high-voltage platforms and be fully controlled remotely via industrial fieldbus. In pulse mode, rise and fall times are below 1 µs. These generators have variable frequency as an option. This automatically changes the operating frequency within the full frequency range and allows faster and more versatile operation when flexibility or ECR Ions Source efficiency is needed.

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