Microwave synthesis & catalysis

We are experts in microwave technology and have designed a complete range of tools to facilitate scale-up.  We are the only microwave specialist offering fully instrumented lab equipment. This allows you to be innovative with complete knowledge of process parameters.

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Why use microwave technology?

The selective heating properties of microwaves mean that the specific product to be heated can be targeted, whereas volumetric heating properties homogeneously heat a liquid or product of a thickness of several centimeters.


This leads to a drastic reduction in reaction time and energy consumption, as well as increased production yield and flexibility. Last but not least, the shifting of reaction balances limits the formation of by-products and co-products.

Tailor-made and scalable equipment

Thanks to our expertise in digital microwave interaction simulation, our R&D department can design custom-made reactors and equipment, on batch or continuous processes.


Our large and versatile reactors are adapted to your liquid or solid phase reactions, in a homogeneous or heterogeneous medium.

Complete process control

Our high performance tools are designed to help you understand your process and identify critical parameters.  Thanks to the unique interface we developed with Labview, they allow continuous control and monitoring of the forward power, the reflected power, the temperature and pressure.


Created by chemical scientists, expert in microwaves, they will allow you to monitor and fully document your process.

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