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We provide microwave and RF accessories and spare parts for your new projects or your existing equipment.

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Waveguides-based components

SAIREM provides a range of waveguide-based components, such as stub tuners, sliding short circuits or simply waveguides.


Our impedance tuners are adapted to your needs as they can be automatic, manual, for 915 mHz or 2450 MHz. Sliding short circuit features an innovative quarter wavelength non-contact movable short. The waveguides are specifically designed depending on your project and needs.

Microwave and RF accessories

SAIREM also provides a range of accessories for microwave and RF technologies. We supply microwave windows, matching boxes and microwave detectors.


We recommand our quartz or PTFE microwave window to transfer energy without inducing reflected power. In addition, the PTFE window can be used as a “light barrier”, hiding the light emitted by plasma that could trigger off the arc detector installed in some microwave generators. The matching boxes match the impedance between the 50Ω line from the 13,56 MHz or 27,12 MHz generator and the impedance of the applicator. Our microwave detectors prevent microwaves leaks. Most of our equipment are monitored with these detectors.

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