How we reduce our environmental footprint

Our company is committed to take actions intended to assess and then minimize our environmental impact.

Our motto

Protecting the environment and limiting global warming is everyone’s business. Everyone, companies and individuals alike, must do their part. More than ever, our company is involved in reducing its carbon footprint.

Tomorrow’s energy

The electricity used by our equipment can be generated from sources that emit more or less CO2. This can range from renewable energies (solar, wind) to much more emitting sources (gas, coal). However, it is generally accepted that electricity is the energy source of the future and will become widespread, whether for transport, storage, or final usage.


In Europe, where the majority of our equipment are in operation, the electricity used is mostly carbon-free. By using electricity for all its equipment from the start, SAIREM has positioned itself for the future.

Small streams, large rivers

We don’t aim to change everything overnight. But by modifying our daily actions, we improve a little, every day. For instance :

  • Recycling of all production byproducts
  • Optimization of the equipment test cycle to save electricity
  • Inducement to go to the office by bike or public transport
  • Implementation of a “zero waste” catering offer
  • Limitation of non-essential travels
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