Microwave pre-treatment of organic waste

Wastewater and sludge are tough to recycle using anaerobic digestion, despite their large energy potential. Discover how our microwave technology dramatically enhances renewable gas production from these feedstocks.

Customer’s needs

Our client wanted to enhance the renewable energy output from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste and sludge. To do so, a thermal treatment is required to improve the hydrolysis of macro-molecules, and the break down of recalcitrant compounds.


Our customer was looking for a solution able to quickly and homogeneously raise the temperature of these wastes, with a good energy yield, and without direct contact between the heat source and the product to treat.

Solution offered

We developed jointly with our customer an all-in-one solution, allowing to heat high volumes up to 6 t/day of organic waste. To do so, our In Line Heating microwave solution raises the feedstock temperature by 65 °C to around 100 °C, before being sent for anaerobic digestion.


This smart pre-heating process allows a doubling of the biomethane production, while reducing the processing time in the digester.

Key benefits

Our innovative microwave heating solution offers several benefits :

  • Speed: our equipment is saving precious time by reducing the processing time.
  • Yield : the biogas production is greatly improved by our solution
  • Savings: this process saves time and energy, therefore money.
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