Rapid food cooking

It is during the cooking process that products gain their final taste, color, shape and texture. Sometimes, heating by microwaves or radio-frequency may deliver results that could not be achieved even with a traditional oven, because food is cooked homogeneously from the inside.

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Time saved

Traditional baking is carried out in forced air convection ovens where heat is transferred to the surface of the product by convection, conduction or irradiation, then from the surface towards the inside by heat conduction only. Most of the time, therefore, traditional baking processes are slow. They become even slower as the baking process progresses, due to the formation of the crust.


Microwaves and RF are heating food through volumetric action. The heating action starts immediately throughout the product. Our experts will recommend the best processing parameters and machine to enable you to deliver a perfect and healthy cooking result.

Uniform cooking

Microwave cooking produces perfectly homogeneous volumetric cooking. Electromagnetic waves immediately reach the whole product and the heat rises throughout.  The process is controlled accurately thanks to high quality generators and controlled power delivery for best repeatability. Energy is not wasted heating up the air or the oven as it is completely transferred to the food.


In some cases, the synergistic and complementary association of other energy sources such as infrared, forced air or steam can maximize the effectiveness of the process. SAIREM has years of experience combining technologies to achieve the best results.

Healthy cooking

Our technology, cooking food inside out and with no contact with hot elements, means the level of fat in your recipes can be reduced considerably.


Products can be preheated with microwave or radio frequency before finishing with a traditional, deep fried process for example.

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