Vulcanization and Polymerization

The volumetric heating property of microwaves combined with its rapidity makes it an ideal choice for vulcanization and polymerization processes. An application for which we have built many systems.

Vulcanization by microwave

Rubber vulcanization is a natural application for microwave heating.  As rubber is a poor conductor of heat, any method that heats rubber relying on conductivity is inefficient. Microwave volumic heating penetrates the rubber homogeneously and heats the material from core to surface simultaneously.


The microwave allows the rubber to be heated to the required temperature in a few seconds, while a flow of hot air at 240°C maintains the conditions for the duration of the vulcanization process.

Polymerization by microwave

Due to its direct heating properties, high temperature homogeneity, reaction rate enhancement, as well as energy savings, microwave-assisted polymerization is a really competitive solution to optimize your processes.


Microwave volumetric heating allows the treated product to be heated homogeneously to the required temperature in a few seconds.

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