Lab grown diamonds by CVD

Our client, one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic diamonds for the gemstone industry, is growing rapidly. They need to be able to rely on efficient and reliable equipment. Hundreds of generators must run round the clock without a glitch.  Process performance must be collected for improved control and yield.

What diamond manufacturers need

Our customers in the lab-grown diamond industry have really high expectations when it comes to plasma microwave generator reliability. This is due to the lengthy duration of a production batch, which lasts over 300 hours. Any interruption during the process would lead to the loss of the entire batch of diamonds.


Another aspect is the stability of the spectrum necessary to produce the purest diamonds possible.

Our solution

Our latest generation of Microwave generators has been specially designed on a 100 % digital architecture making it a modern and highly reliable product, with smart power control. This solution is made up of 2 modules for power supply and microwave generation. It can be adapted to all CVD reactors.


It is digitally controlled and monitors over 30 parameters continuously to provide stable and reliable microwave to the CVD reactor.

Perfect reliability

This equipment has been specially developed to support weeks long running cycles and to deliver the narrow spectrum necessary to produce the purest diamonds. Multiple features, such as an Automatic Restart Function (ARF), and Preventive Alarm Management (PAM, alarms which do not stop the production process) are installed to allow you to go to the end of your production batch, even in the case of micro power-cuts.


SAIREM’s optimized power supply and magnetron performance help you to reduce process interruption and costly yield losses. Finally, SAIREM’s comprehensive customer service helps you to maximize your production yield, through support and advice.

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Our free microwave guide for lab-grown diamond applications will help you to better understand these technologies, and find the solution the most adapted to your needs.

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