Microwave plasma for Power-to-X

SAIREM’s microwave plasma solutions are particularly adapted for power-to-X applications, by offering MW generators and plasma sources from laboratory to industrial scale.

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High efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the parameters particularly looked at when producing green energy, an area in which microwave plasma solutions offer outstanding yield, with 100% of the power transmitted to the gas for applications like :


  • Power-to-Hydrogen
  • Power-to-Gas
  • Power-to-Chemicals
  • Power-to-Syngas



Focus on Power-to-hydrogen

Our microwave plasma technologies are fully adapted to Power-to-Hydrogen applications, as they offer high efficiency methane cracking to obtain “turquoise” hydrogen as well as sub-products like carbon and acetylene.


If made from biogaz, the cracking process through microwave plasma can be fully carbon neutral, which gives this technology a decisive advantage compared to others solutions.

Downstream plasma source

Our downstream microwave plasma source is especially designed for both the synthesis of special gases and for assisting chemical reactions with reactive gas species. It is well suited for your Power-to-X applications such as Power-to-Gas, Power-to-Syngas or Power-to-Chemistry.


This plasma source works with dielectric tubes of 30, 40 and 50 mm diameter and a 2450 MHz microwave generator of 3, 6, or 10 kW power, at atmospheric pressure. It is designed to be used in industrial facilities and R&D laboratories for a very large range of applications. The auto-ignition system coupled with the automatic matching unit makes it really user friendly.

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From lab to industrial scale

To help you validate your process, we offer a fully equipped test center with numerous equipment to test your application at low power before scaling to an industrial solution :

  • Lab scale : 2,45GHz at low power as a proof of concept
  • Simulation to optimize and scale-up the system
  • Industrial scale : 915 MHz at powers up to 100 kW

High-power generators

Our GLP range of generators delivers from 18 kW up to 100 kW of microwave power at 915 MHz for your power-to-X applications. These continuous wave microwave generators are made of a single cabinet with a power supply and a magnetron. For a better efficiency, a PLC controller drives simultaneously the magnetron anodic power, electromagnet field and filament current.


The result is a very low power setting possibility, maximum efficiency, and increased magnetron life time.

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Ready to be integrated

Compact, reliable, and industrially designed, our OEM microwave plasma solutions are easily integrable into your own equipments. Our experts will support you on every phase of the process, by performing extensive simulations, to optimize your process.


We have years of experience in microwave and plasma system development. By choosing SAIREM, you are relying on a partner with a strong R&D,  support culture, and high flexibility since its origins.


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