Why solid-state microwave generators are the future?

Microwave solid-state technology has been used for years in the telecommunications industry. However, it is quite recent and innovative in the industrial microwave generators sector, which require more power. Extremely advantageous in many ways, it is now the future of the industry.

A cutting edge electronics

A typical microwave generator consists of a high-voltage magnetron who generates the microwaves.


In the case of the semiconductor generators, a quartz imposes the frequency of the initial signal, the power of which is then considerably amplified by a series of transistor stages. In order to achieve a power of several kilowatts, it is possible to combine several semiconductor amplifiers until the desired power is obtained.

An extended service life

Solid-state microwave generators have several significant technical advantages, and open up possibilities that cannot be achieved with the conventional magnetron generators.


Magnetrons are elements with a limited lifespan, as they loose their emitting properties after approximately 10,000 hours. Solid-state generators on the other hand have a much longer service life, almost unlimited.



A total frequency control

The emitted frequency cannot be chosen with a magnetron, in particular because it fluctuates slightly.


On the other hand, the solid-state generators offer the possibility of a full control of the frequency (in the authorized ISM bands) in order to ensure a better response of the product to the emitted microwaves and thus to limit the reflected power.

A low voltage power supply

Unlike magnetrons, solid-state generators do not require high voltage to generate microwaves.


Indeed, only a voltage between the 30 to 50 volts range is required, which simplifies the equipment design and operators safety.

A self-adaptation algorithm

SAIREM has developed a patented self-adaptation algorithm integrated into the generator, allowing an optimized frequency control.


The ideal frequency is automatically calculated to avoid reflected power. Then, the microwave frequency is  tuned to transfer all the power from the generator to the product, which is critical for the hi-tech or plasma applications.

The solution for advanced applications

The frequency adjustment and stability capabilities of solid-state microwave generators are essential for certain applications:

  • Medical devices which require a perfectly stable and repeatable signal
  • Applications requiring highly stable signal in amplitude and frequency
  • Plasma surface treatment applications : PECVD, ALD, …

Our strength

Our company has been investing in solid-state technology for years. Unlike other manufacturers who come from the telecom field, and have experience in low power microwave systems, our solid-state generators are designed for heavy duty industrial applications.


It guarantees their sturdiness and reliability over time, even in the case of applications with very fluctuating loads.

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