Multi-source configurations for unlimited plasma surfaces

With Aura-wave and Hi-wave plasma sources, users can create infinite combination possibility : in-line, circular, matrix, or 3D arrangements. This allows to develop processes with high plasma density and excellent uniformity over large scale.

Excellent density uniformity

SAIREM microwave plasma source technology allows for virtually unlimited plasma surfaces thanks to the combinations of multiple sources. Their arrangements can either be in-line, circular, in matrix, or in 3D depending on your application.


Thanks to the perfect power control delivered by each source, our solution delivers a plasma with excellent density uniformity (usually less than 5% of variation).


Find below some uniformity measurement of Aura-Wave and Hi-Wave plasma sources arranged in matrix. Contact us to get additional results and details.

Aura-Wave matrix distribution

The graph shows the simulated density distribution and the experimental curve for a matrix configuration of 25 Aura-Wave with lattice constant a=90 mm realized at 10 cm from the source plane for a pure nitrogen plasma at a pressure of 1 Pa.


The effect of power optimization is clearly seen. The peripheral sources were supplied with 400 W/source while the 9 central sources were supplied with 75 W/source. A bigger uniformity diameter is achieved (370 mm for 5% uniformity). However, even if the maximum density records a small decrease, it still has a very high value around 20 × 10 10 cm -3.

Hi-Wave matrix distribution

The effect of increasing the number and the compactness of the sources, i.e decreasing the lattice parameter, is shown in the figure on the right for a pure argon plasma at a pressure of 2 Pa.


For a matrix configuration of 25 Hi-Wave sources and a = 90 mm at a distance d = 14 cm from the sources plane, the optimized power is 400 W for the peripheral sources and 220 W for the 9 central ones. A maximum density around 2 × 10 12 cm -3 is recorded for a uniform surface of 400 mm of diameter.

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