Surface wave microwave plasma sources

S-Wave is a compact plasma torch designed for industrial and laboratory applications from 10 -1 mbar up to atmospheric pressure.

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How it works

The plasma is created in a dielectric tube placed inside the source. The microwave electric field propagates longitudinally at the dielectric/plasma interface (plasma behaves as an electrical conductor). Radially the wave is strongly attenuated at skin depth.


This principle allows to create and sustain plasma columns with lengths which depend on the operating pressure, microwave power and gas nature.


Our surface wave microwave plasma torch is particularly adapted for research applications like :

  • Sterilization, disinfection, bacterial inactivation, reduction of bacterial adhesion
  • treatment of chronic wounds and infected skin …
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Decapsulation / failure analysis: Ar/O2/CF4 plasma
  • Surface activation
  • Analytical chemistry
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