Defrosting of meat

Our customer was looking for a quick and efficient way to thaw frozen pork, chicken, and beef. Our rapid cost saving defrosting solution fully meets their needs.

Former process

Our customer, located in Bogota, Colombia, employs approximately 200 workers. This company belongs to a large supermarket chain, with hundreds of shops all around the country. It produces meat sausages made of frozen pork, chicken, and beef.


Their plant was not equipped with a thawing solution. In fact, they were defrosting the meat blocks in the open air for approximately 18 hours. The main drawbacks were bacterial growth, huge drip losses, and delays in processing orders.

Customer needs

This customer needs to temper meat blocks of 20 to 25 kg, from -18° to -2° before grinding. The daily volume requested is about 18 tons of meat per day. The volume increases during the summer season, so the equipment must be able to operate 24 hours per day during peak periods.

Solution proposed

Taking into account the volume treated, SAIREM’s AMW400 microwave tempering oven, with two sliding tables, offers the requested capacity. This batch solution allows our client to change quickly from one product to another with the recipes integrated in the HMI software. Meat blocks are now homogeneously tempered in less than 5 minutes instead of 18 hours previously. The machine occupies a very limited amount of floor space.

Key benefits

  • Speed: our equipment saves time and money for the company, the customer can temper 18 tons of meat in a day, compared to 18 tons of meat in 3 to 4 days previously. Meat to be processed into sausage orders is ready in a matter of minutes rather than waiting a whole day. Customers are served faster.
  • Quality: the product quality has been enhanced thanks to the quick defrosting and a homogeneous final temperature.
  • Savings: microwave tempering completely eliminated drip-losses, which represented 6% of the processed meat. Our customer saves up to USD 2 700 a day thanks to this 100% yield.
  • Safety: the fast and homogeneous tempering prevents microbial development on the meat blocks completely. There is no risk of bacterial growth.
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