Collisional microwave plasma sources

Uniform plasma processes over large dimensions, and most often requiring strong ionic assistance, are essentials for the treatment of larges surfaces.

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Main principle

Usually, uniform plasmas are processed over large dimensions, and most often require strong ionic assistance. They are essential for industrial scale surface treatments which require ever higher etching or deposition rates, such as plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) or deep etching.


These requirements have stimulated the development of uniform plasma sources, of high density, which, moreover, are capable of delivering high concentrations of reactive species.

Why use our plasma sources?

In addition, to create a large volume of plasma by overcoming the critical density limiting the propagation of waves, it is necessary to wisely distribute the plasma sources. This adds a strong constraint on the control of the power transmitted to each source.


To overcome these constraints, we have developed two innovative self-matching plasma sources working with 2,45 GHz solid state generators the Hi-Wave. The innovative design of our source, associate with our solid-state generators (patented auto-tune algorithm) prevents power loss within the source and allows to be quite self-matched over wide operating conditions without need of any impedance matching system.

Hi-Wave collisional plasma source

Hi-Wave is a collisional type microwave plasma source and can operate from 10 -2 to 1 mbar (1 Pa to 100 Pa). It is thus intended to operate without magnets in the collisional regime.


Plasma densities greater than 10 12 cm -3 can be achieved in multi-source configuration with a 10 cm working distance, for most gases.

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