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Our solutions

SAIREM develops, designs, and manufactures customized industrial microwave and RF solutions to improve your thermal processing. We have expertise on all type of food ingredients and materials processing.

Our case studies

Tempering of fruits

Our customer, a large Czech ice cream manufacturer, contacted us to improve its frozen fuits defrosting process …

Drying of honeycomb ceramics for catalytic converters

Our customer, a technical ceramic industry leader, has really high expectations when it comes to drying quickly and efficiently …

Defrosting of meat

Our customer, a subsidiary of a large company located in Colombia, produces meat sausages made of frozen pork, beef, and chicken …

Drying of polyamide powder

Our customer, a large chemistry specialist, was looking for a way to dry polyamid powder down to 0,5% humidity …

Sanitation of plants and herbs

Discover how our company helped a French provider of organic plant products to set up an effective sanitation processing system.

Coating of pharmaceutical tablets

Our customer, a major french pharmaceutical laboratory was looking for a solution to speed-up their tablet coating process …

Black peppercorns decontamination

Microwave technology offers many advantages to debacterize food powders and grains such as black peppercorns without changing the organoleptic properties of the product.

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