Preheating & heating of food and industrial products

The properties of microwaves and radio-frequency make them very well suited to heat or preheat food and industrial materials rapidly and homogeneously.

Fast heating

The volumetric heating properties of microwave and radio frequencies make them perfect to heat quickly food product as well as industrial materials.


The rise in temperature starts immediately and uniformly throughout the product. This can only last a few seconds depending on the product being treated and the desired result.

Homogeneous heating

Our equipment can associates microwave or radio frequency power with an other preheating or heating process, for excellent performance in various applications such as the heating of food, plants, dairy products, powders, ceramics, polymers, rubbers  …


The selective heating to the core of the product achieves efficient drying with no degradation of delicate materials such as plants matter, medicines and medical material. Our machines are designed so that heating temperatures can be perfectly controlled.

Unrivaled performance on insulating materials

For insulating materials, such as wool, or technical textile reels, traditional convection heat will only reach the core of the product slowly. The heating process will occur at different rates inside the product and on the surface.


Using microwave or radio frequency will deliver a homogeneous temperature rise, at the core and on the surface, enhancing the final product properties.

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