Food pasteurization

The growing consumer demand for preservative-free yet micro-biologically safe products has mobilized the food industry to look for new processes for the inactivation of micro-organisms and enzymes. Microwave pasteurization are a good answer, capable of achieving these apparently conflicting requirements: fresh taste and safe food with a long shelf-life.

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Any form of food

Our technology makes possible to pasteurize food in all its forms and packaging: powders, liquids, pasty, bulk or packaged …


Moreover, the pasteurization of ready meals is possible directly in their sealed packaging, for quick and safe processing.

Pasteurize in seconds

Thanks to our fast and uniform heating process by microwave, a substantial reduction in the microbial load is achieved at the core and the surface of the food simultaneously and rapidly. As the process does not rely on time-consuming conventional heat transmission (steam, hot air, hot water), the required pasteurization level is achieved in a matter of seconds instead of several hours.


Microwave pasteurization is a high speed process that can be carried out continuously, with significant logistic advantages in product handling and production scheduling. Homogeneity is guaranteed thanks to our proven technology, allowing for a reduction in the food pasteurizing temperature.

Retain freshness

The process greatly reduces the risk of product degradation: organoleptic, chemical and physical characteristics. The short treatment duration helps to preserve the product quality and freshness at their best, even for heat-sensitive food.


This is one of the reasons why microwave and radio frequency technologies are the preferred solutions for the food industry.

Save space

Compared to traditional systems, the microwave equipment requires less floor space, for the same flow.


Moreover, you can choose between batch or continuous flow, depending on your production volume.

Reduce your energy consumption

Thanks to the fast and selective heating process carried out by the microwave technology, huge energy savings can be achieved: the heat energy is transmitted directly into the product without losses into the surrounding atmosphere.


SAIREM experts will help you choose between microwave and radio frequency solely based on product quality and process efficiency.

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