Compound Extraction

Interest in the compound extraction market has been growing in recent years. Commonly used methods such as infusion, maceration and percolation, are slow and low in efficacy. Microwave assisted flavoring infusion can help speed up your processes and improve your yield.

Only what you need

When it comes to compound extraction, either for the food or fragrance industries, preservation of the organoleptic as well as the physical-chemical properties of the aroma is essential. Using traditional flavoring infusion technologies, most customers face low yields and the presence of unwanted components. This can be avoided with microwave assisted extraction technology.

Selective effect

An interesting aspect of the microwave-assisted extraction process is the low thermal effect of microwaves on edible oils. Microwaves act selectively on the plant cells, vaporizing the water matrix, causing the breakage of the cells and directly releasing aroma in the microwave cavity. Oil is transparent for microwaves, and it does not undergo thermal heating by the infusion process.


This leads to a high extraction rate while fully preserving the organoleptic and physical-chemical properties of the extracted product, with no thermal alteration.

Improved extraction yield

Microwave-assisted extraction is a process that combines microwaves with traditional solvent extraction when necessary. The microwaves’ selective heating of the solvent and compounds during the extraction process increases the extraction kinetics and considerably increases the yield of the process.


Microwave-assisted extraction offers several advantages over more traditional techniques such as shorter extraction time, lower solvent use, higher compound extraction rates, and an overall lower processing cost.

High processing rate

Our microwave assisted infusion equipment is available in batch or continuous process format. Depending on your production rate, our solutions can process anything from a few kgs to several hundreds of kgs of product per hour.

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