Sanitation of plants and herbs

Our client, a French small business specialized in the treatment of organic plants, herbs and derived powders, called on our company to set up a sanitation system capable of treating dozens of different vegetable products.

Former process

Before SAIREM offered a solution tailored to the customer needs, plants, herbs and powders were not subjected to any sanitizing treatment.


However, he had to face quality and safety issues linked to various pathogens present in organic plant products  like mold, aerobic bacteria, gram-negative bacteria …


Customer request

Our client was looking for a solution capable of quickly sanitizing hundreds of different plants and herbs, as well as different powder extracts, to deliver healthier and safer plants and herbs ingredients, while preserving their organoleptic properties.


Moreover, the process had to be compatible with organic farming, which is the case of the microwave technology.

Solution proposed

The microwave technology is effective in sanitizing dry products such as powders, herbs and plants. Bacteria and pathogens are deactivated by short exposure to a microwave field in a temperature-controlled processing cavity.


To meet the challenges of our client, SAIREM supplied an AMW200 microwave oven. Thanks to this adapted solution, large quantities of powders, herbs and plants are processed in record time. This solution makes it possible to process bags of 5 to 20 kg of products in only 5 minutes, loading and unloading of bags included.

Key benefits

  • Quality: products treated with our microwave technology retain all their properties, their color and their volatile organic compounds.
  • Rapidity: the treated herbs, powders and plants are sanitized in just a few minutes using microwave technology.
  • Extended shelf life: thanks to this safe microwave treatment, the shelf life of plants, powders and herbs processed by our customer has been significantly extended.
  • Adaptability: the microwave solution provided by SAIREM is capable of treating a hundreds of different plants.
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